Frequently Asked Questions

Our art panels are printed and encased around our unique panels that can help reduce echoes and noise vibrations within an area. This is a great benefit in addition to a beautiful art piece on your wall.

We can span an image across as many panels as you wish, but the end result depends on the artwork resolution (at least 300 DPI) and your preferred size. By default, only one panel span is available. For custom orders with multiple panel spans, please enquire within.

Each space is unique so we would recommend you to contact us directly for a consultation to determine your specific needs.

Yes we can. Do contact our professional consultants directly to discuss the specifications of your needs.

Our smallest panel available measures at 30cm X 120cm and we cater up to larger panels measuring at 120cm X 120cm. For custom sizes not available in our E-Store selection, please contact us directly for a quotation.

The best areas are usually on walls closest to the main source of noise. Then again, each application for every case is unique, so we would recommend you to get in touch with us for a professional consultation to determine the best area possible.

High Quality eco-friendly assorted insulation infill with air gaps structure finished with acoustically transparent fabric.

We use solvent based ink to transfer images onto all of our art panels, in the highest resolution and photo quality. The ink is extremely lightfast and will last you forever.

The minimum resolution is 150 dots per inch (DPI). Lower resolutions are NOT recommended as it will compromise the quality of the final output. We are able to print in a multitude of colors, so there is no restriction to the amount of color.

We accept file formats in JPEG or PNG. Please ensure that your artwork has enough of a margin at the edges (50mm or more) to ensure that the main image’s elements does not get trimmed or folded over the sides. Your file size should be at least a minimum of 1 MB up to 4MB maximum.

We will require written proof of permission or a licensing contract from the official copyright holder before we can proceed with printing. We reserve the right to reject artworks that do not comply with our terms.

Written permission by the official copyright holder will be required in order to proceed with your order. This can be provided in the form of a notarized and sworn statement or legally binding and verifiable documentation using the official copyright holder’s letterhead and signature, either from the copyright holder itself or a legally authorized representative. Alternatively, an e-mail 'signed' by the buyer (from the same email address used in placing the order) confirming that you have permission to use the image will suffice.

Of course! There are millions of royalty-free stock image sources on the internet. We highly recommend iStockPhoto.com and fotolia.com as they have the widest variety. Our e-store also carries a collection of beautiful photography and artwork, hand-picked and curated by us.

Yes it does. We highly recommend consulting with an attorney or a specialist in copyright law before printing and displaying these sort of works in public areas. It is always safer to understand your rights and limitations, to avoid a lawsuit.

Yes we can! Images of public, historic and political figures fall under the public domain category. We can use images that are found on public domains or if it’s taken with your own camera. However, if the photo is taken by someone else and copyrighted, or was used in a copyrighted publication – then you will need permission from the photographer or license holder of that photograph.