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Art Panel


Panel Size Selection

1' x 4' (30cm x 120cm)

2' x 2' (60cm x 60cm)

2' x 3' (60cm x 90cm)

2' x 4' (60cm 120cm)

3' x 2' (90cm x 60cm)

3' x 3' (90cm x90cm)

3' x 4' (90cm x 120cm)

4' x 1' (120cm x 30cm)

4' x 2' (120cm x 60cm)

4' x 3' (120cm x 90cm)

4' x 4' (120cm x 120cm)


Multi-panel Span:

Image Orientation:

Panel Core Type:

Our tried and true Ecowool Mineral Core Insulation - If you're unsure which one to pick, this choice offers the lowest price and highest absorption.

At KW-JWEE, we offer three choices of acoustic sound absorbing insulation cores. By default we offer the ecowool. We also offer the Owens Corning 703 and EcoCore Eco Friendly Variants. Select an option to read more about it.

Edge Profile

Your frames will be cut with straight square edges, similar to those found on gallery wrapped art canvases.